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Friday, March 28, 2014

Paul Cezanne and some Colorful birds

The artist I currently learned about in the Studying under the Masters course was Paul Cezanne. I have to say that he is not one of my favorite artists, but it was interesting to learn about him. Following is the first page in my artists journal. The portrait of Cezanne and of the fruit is done with layers of oil pastels and the small floral arrangement is acrylic.
The painting on the second page was done using only a palette knife, one brush and three colors-cobalt blue, yellow ochre and white. I enjoyed experimenting with the palette knife.
And finally, a few more birds to add to the collection:
Pink headed fruit dove

Red and yellow Barbet
Brown headed Barbet


Sue Marrazzo said...

What a nice post! LOVELY works too!

Corrine at said...

Your birds are amazing Janet.....that Barbet is spectacular. Hope all is well. xox

JackieP Neal said...

Janet, your birds are stunning indeed ! And let me tell you, everytime you say , this is one of my least favs- your art is even more awesome with that artist! I Adore the palette knife work piece- fantastic!!! love to you

Lisa Graham Art said...

Love your Cezanne pieces Janet. My mother and I recently went to our local museum here in Wichita where there was an exhibit called "Cezanne's Apples", but there was not one piece by Cezanne. The museum used one of his still life paintings and his name to advertise some great still life works by other artists. The reason they named the exhibit such was because they used his quote about dazzling Paris with other words, his plan to wow the people of Paris with his still life paintings. We laughed at the false advertising that our museum used, but the exhibit was really good.

Love that last bird you did pretty.

Janet Ghio said...


denthe said...

Wow, I love that portrait of Cezanne! Beautiful ... The last bird looks like our Kookaburra, only with a bit more color :-)

Bren Haas said...

I just followed a fellow garden bloggers link to your site ... I LOVE your art work and can't wait to stop back again soon.

❋ Bren

Bren Haas said...

Love your sketch pad ... how long have you been using watercolors? ❋ Bren