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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh my....

Wow! I can't believe it has been so long since i posted anything here-sheer laziness  I guess. I have been making art in the meantime. I took a class taught by Rae Missigman called Paint Stitch and Store . Lots of fun painting canvas and stitching it into a trifold folder and and several envelopes for carrying many art supplies.
This was a really fun class and very reasonably priced. But that painted canvas is sometimes tough to stitch through, but well worth the effort.
I also took a class at Artful Gathering called Woodland Lighted Theater taught by Iva Wilcox where we made a wonderful lighted scene from an oatmeal container. Here are a couple of photos of the piece that I made.
I have some other things I've been working on and will post more in a few days. It is a wonderful cool morning-got down to 54 last night--a wonderful rarity in Missouri in July! Today is my husbands birthday and we are going out to lunch. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Monica said...

yes I thought you had given up blogging and were using FB. Much prefer to see your art on a blog. Blogs seem to go at a slower pace and give you time and thoughts to review and contemplate.

Jan said...

These both look like fun projects and well done. Who would have thought a lowly object like an oatmeal box could turn out so pretty!

Arlene said...

Glad to see you are still doing some art! We have lost touch a little bit and I miss that. I have always love what you create! xoxo

Rita A. said...

Beautiful. I'll have to go check out that envelope class. I could use storage goodies. Can you do them on the machine?

JackieP Neal said...

Good to see you back Janet! Guess we all were concerned after not seeing you blog! I miss your art too!Are you working on any other tribe paintings- I really love those!
Rae is a great teacher- I took one of her classes last year- love her style-she also likes to upcycle!
Cute fairy lantern you made-
Happy birthday to George- and hope you two had a wonderful day together!

Corrine at said...

It has been a while. Love the results of Rae's class. here work makes me so happy just to look at. Yours does too. Have a womderful lunch! xox

joanna said...

Ohhh it's so good to see you back at blogging, Janet!! I feel like taking a break from my blog too, Facebook and Instagram are so much easier to deal with!
Love both your projects, but the canvas stitching is my fave. The colors are so bright and happy:)

Annette said...

Hi my dear, love your paint and carry treasures, they are so pretty and the little light you made. You have been busy, Keeping busy besides playing that is the best of both worlds . 54 degrees? oh I know it felt heavenly for a little change. Hope the birthday lunch was yummy and many many more to come Mr. Janet. LOL sometimes they use to call Eldon Mr. Annette oxoxxoox

Linda said...

I am new to your blog and I love what you are doing. You can find me at:
I am following you now.

Martina2801 said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the details, you do amazing work, Janet!

Marilou said...

Hi Janet,
Ha.... Im a lazy blogger too. I guess FB has taken over for awhile but I like blogging better, FB is so full of junk and people whining about there mis-spent lives.
Thanks for your comment on my blog and I love all your recent Art projects.
The piece you just viewed on my blog is a two sided ATB, fun to have one piece with 2 sides to work on. More fun that the dolls actually, goes faster and takes up less space. Hope it cools down for you soon, hot here too.
Hugs and will chat soon, Marilou xoxo

Rae Missigman said...

your PAINT SKETCH & STORE pieces turned out just beautifully! So happy you enjoyed the class!