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Monday, September 8, 2014

Henry Clive

Henry Clive was another artist that we studied in the "Studying Under the Masters Course". Henry Clive is best known for his illustrations in the 20's, 30's and 40's. His paintings of beautiful woman and famous movies stars graced the covers of many magazines. Henry Clive began his career as a magician which inspired me to create the drawing at the top of him. the two woman on this page are photo copies of two of his illustrations. I believe that my mother when she was about 14 (1928) must have been influenced by his illustrations, because in the pocket above are four small drawings that she made, very much in his style. Here they are below:
The second journal page has drawings that i did in his style. The top two are copies of illustrations that he made.
The two on the bottom are my interpretations of his style. The one on the left is of my mother when she was in her 20's. The one on the right is from a photo of Nicole Kidman (sorry Nicole). Below are the photos that I used.

I really enjoyed the Henry Clive study and my "Masters" journal is getting quite full!


Monica said...

Janet, those are magnificent Janet. Your mother was beautiful. I had problem reading your page as it is a fancy font.

Annette said...

Love these girl and your mother was so pretty. I know you enjoyed doing the "girls" it is fun isn't it? Will have to look him up. You are always an inspiration gal. I am so glad I have lots of inspiration giving friends. xooxxoxo

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Janet sweetie,
I have missed hearing from you! :(
Hope your back is better now. Since my surgery I am feeling much better. Wow that class must have been really interesting. Love the sketches that you did. What a lovely photo of your Mom.

JackieP Neal said...

Oh my Janet! Your Mothers art is as beautiful as she is!! And your art resembles your Moms painting-the apple fell under the tree! bravo on such fine ladies!! xoxo