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Monday, December 1, 2014

Contemporary Still Lifes or is it Lives?

I recently took a class called Table Top Still Lifes taught by Diane Culhane on Carla Sonheim's site. It was so much fun. The one above is colored pencil on black cardstock. And another colored pencil
I loved doing these. Next up is learning about glazing and working on vellum paper. Not so happy with the vellum paper.
And finally my finished painting. I love how this turned out although if I had it to do over I would leave out the smaller pot.
I plan to do more still lifes. So much fun!


Corrine at said...

Nice work Janet. The colored pencil on the dark background really. xox

Annette said...

Oh my dear, you are having a good time and it shows. I also think my fave is the pencil on dark background. Well I enjoy seeing everything you do. Hugs and hugs

JackieP Neal said...

So cool are your still lives! teeheehee
I would have never thought those were done with colored pencils, Janet! Love them all , especially the last-
What is it about the vellum that you did not like?

Lisa Graham Art said...

Those first two are really wonderful Janet. The line work is just so perfect and leads the eye around the entire piece. Nice work!

Bea said...

Okay, Janet. I'm on board and will spend a little time with your blog later...bea

Linda said...

I think your work is awesome and you are so talented.

Pia Rom said...

Wow how I love your still lifes, Janet! Especcially the last one is amazing! I have thought to of taking Diane Culhanes Class because I so love her work...maybe next year..seems you have had tons of fun with it :) ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

teri F said...

These are fabulous, Janet. I love the way you flattened the perspective in the last picture so you got two planes in one. Looks awesome!