Because Art Should be Play and Not Work

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Art Chain--fun animals

I was invited to participate in an art chain over on Facebook and since I had to gather photos of lots of older artwork anyway, I thought I would post some collections here over the next few weeks-so here is a collection of mixed media pets I have made; Party Boys: Gizmo

Bao Bao: my favorite panda
Lisa's Maddy
Montecore: Party animal
Chewbaca: Teachers Pet

The Doctor is In

And last, but not least: My sweet Sparky

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kind of lazy lately

So I've been kind of lazy lately--in updating my blog and also in making art--holiday recovery time I guess. I made the above mixed media piece for my daughter for Christmas. That's her dog Jasper.
The painting above, I made for my grand daughter Audrey. She wanted a painting of the aurora borealis. Well that was a challenge--not really a subject I would probably ever choose to paint, but after looking at lots of photos I had an idea of how I might do it. I used molding paste through a starry type stencil over most of the background and then painted over it with black and then paynes  gray paint--for the colored part, I used silks paints which have a wonderful shimmery quality and color. For the mountains below I used a handmade black paper and then overpainted it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
In the Roses on my Table group we made handmade books. This is the cover of the one I made.
And finally a photo of Bow wow's (that's the panda named after the smithsonian national zoo's panda Bao Bao who is rather an obsession of mine).Bow wo's new friend that Santa brought me for Christmas--a little koala with a chubby tummy who I named Ziggy. I am slowly working on some other projects but have been lately sidelined with planning a summer retreat with 11 other amazing women artists!! Seven days in a great spot!! So excited!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Everything Frida

The final artist in the Masters was Frida Kahlo--a subject I have used many times in my art. I decided to do a little Frida retrospective here along with the pages I made in my art journal for the class--so there are art quilts and shrines etc. Many photos. Above is the first Frida art quilt I ever made called Frida y su pericos.

Frida Y Garisols.
Frida y Casa Azul.
Frida with handmade tile top.

Frida shrine
Our Lady of Coyocan--this is the only Frida quilt that I own--all the rest were sold--there are many more artquilts that I made than shown here.
This is one third of a room divider in my studio--it is made of tiny pieces of magazine pages-glued on bit by bit--I must have been crazy!!
A recent painting in the style of a photograph of Frida.
A page from my art journal for the Masters class.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my pieces of Frida art.