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Friday, January 2, 2015

Everything Frida

The final artist in the Masters was Frida Kahlo--a subject I have used many times in my art. I decided to do a little Frida retrospective here along with the pages I made in my art journal for the class--so there are art quilts and shrines etc. Many photos. Above is the first Frida art quilt I ever made called Frida y su pericos.

Frida Y Garisols.
Frida y Casa Azul.
Frida with handmade tile top.

Frida shrine
Our Lady of Coyocan--this is the only Frida quilt that I own--all the rest were sold--there are many more artquilts that I made than shown here.
This is one third of a room divider in my studio--it is made of tiny pieces of magazine pages-glued on bit by bit--I must have been crazy!!
A recent painting in the style of a photograph of Frida.
A page from my art journal for the Masters class.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my pieces of Frida art.


Barbara Casillas said...

Really enjoyed seeing your art. I work with mixed media, paint, fabric, paper, canvas. I also have a blog at if you'd like to check it out.

Monica said...

Photos do not do them justice Janet. They are all fab.

teri F said...

Oh I do love the blues in the Frida y Casa Azul. They are all lovely, but I"m hooked on the contrast of that blue and the mustardy yellow.

Marilou said...

Janet all of your Art quilts are just amazing and I am in "awe" of your room divider, just beautiful work.
I love everything, thank you for sharing!
Hugs marilou

JackieP Neal said...

Janet- you really rock the Frida!! no doubt you have a talent for portraying her through your art pieces- whether textile or with paint! I love each one, but the divider will always be my favorite-not crazy-but inspired!!

Anonymous said...

They are really all quite wonderful Janet. That room divider is quite spectacular. Happy New Year. xox

Annette said...

just all I can say my friend is WOW!!!! What an awesome collection you have here. Beautiful works of art. Hugs and thanks my dear xoxo

Threads of Inspiration said...

Frida really is the best muse isn't she? I enjoyed seeing your work inspired by her and her paintings.

Dolores Holt said...

Wow- these are so incredible! Great work. Dolores

Lisa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colorful Frida Quilts and pictures. I think this is your forte. It just makes me happy to look at them :-D

Jennifer Beaudet said...

These are gorgeous Janet!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

you know your frida!!
may i also wish you a happy new year and alot of colour. well, the colour has arrived...

Pia Rom said...

What a collection! You are sooo talented and seems to have a strong relationship with Frida, no wonder she is one of the famost artist in my opinion too :) Love the first quilt the most
♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling

Margik said...

Love your fabulous Frida collection!