Because Art Should be Play and Not Work

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Keeping on...

Alberto Morrocco is another artist that I stumbled across online. I love his color choices and his subject matter. he was born in Scotland, but many of his paintings are of the beach and set around the Mediterranean. He was influenced by Picasso. Here are a couple of journal pages I made about his art.

I think my favorite painting is the woman with the chicken, followed by the woman in white with the sunflowers.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Studying the Masters on my own

I loved the Studying the Masters class so much that I have continued with my own studies. There are many living artists whose work I love. The first one is an artist known as Aitch. I love her peasant women and use of color and pattern.
She did a series called The Imaginary Life of. Above is my version of my imaginary life. Notice the panda in the left corner. I love painting and drawing on black paper.
She also did an alphabet drawing girls dressed as fruit. I loved this idea. The two on the right are my  girls. F for fig is a copy of one of her alphabet girls. Mine are  R for rhubarb and A for artichoke. I love the idea of creating an alphabet like this.
This final piece was inspired by her Alice in Wonderland project. I decided to do Red Riding hood. I love the way she makes the bottom of the skirts on her girls.
I really love her art.
All of these pieces are in my personal sketchbook and were not made for sale or reproduction in any way but were made for my own enjoyment and learning. It is so interesting to really look at and study the work of other artists. Please be sure to check out all the wonderful artwork of Aitch