Because Art Should be Play and Not Work

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I'm really not a slacker!!

I have been making art--just not posting. I've been doing some drawings from photographs of tribal peoples.
I love this little girl carrying the kitty on her back. I used colored pencils on this one.

This man from India. Looking at the photo with the smudges of color-I think maybe he was caught up in the celebration where the colored dyes are tossed around. I also used colored pencil on this one.

This woman from Tibet. Isn't she wonderful! I am pretty sure that isn't blush on her cheeks-but her cheeks are chapped from the cold!
The following drawings are not completely finished or colored in yet, but here they are:

This last one is a little smaller than I would have liked, but I am particularly happy that I got her arm and hand right!! I'll post these unfinished ones again when I have finally finished.