Because Art Should be Play and Not Work

Friday, April 10, 2015

Paper cloth and intuitive paintings

I've made paper cloth before, but it has been a while and I recently finished a class in Soul Food on making paper cloth. Basically you start with a piece of canvas and build layer upon layer  by collaging papers first, then adding inks and paints. When you feel like you have added enough paint and pattern you begin "looking" at the painting to see what kind of images emerge.  This is the first piece I made.
This is the second from the same piece of cloth. I like working on the large piece of canvas cloth as it can be cut apart with scissors and different sections used. When the piece is finished it can then be mounted onto a stretched canvas frame that has been either painted or covered with paper.
And here is what I did with the leftover scraps-I covered the front and back of a sketch journal that I plan to take to North Carolina this summer.