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Friday, August 28, 2015

North Carolina retreat--the final post

We'll start out with cooking! That's Robin trying to keep her delicious chocolate layer cake layered! After driving up the long dirt road, it began dangerously slipping--she also brought us chocolate chip cookies--much appreciated!. Pam was our queen of the kitchen with lots of good recipes and she knows how to cook for a crowd, as well as Monica and Anna.
And Lorena made us this spectacular layered jello desert--it was almost too pretty to eat! We also had plenty of wine to get us through the retreat!

Now moving on to the myriad of art projects that we could do. Anna filled her SUV to the brim with all of her art supplies--I think she must have cleaned out her studio. This is just a portion of what she brought.
That paper feather is from a little workshop that Teri taught us.

The first major art project we did was to make boiled books. Lorena taught us this one. First all the plant material has to be gathered. So some people went searching in the surrounding woods for just the right things (unfortunately some people found poison ivy!). Then you have to make the paper book from watercolor paper, add the plant material between the pages and then boil the book.

My little book fits in this pocket in my travel journal, but a friend borrowed it... Following is a photo of one side of the imprints in the book. Pretty, yes?
More projects included: intuitive paintings, friendship bracelets, stamp carving, painted canvas, tiny books, silk painting and working in travel journals.

One day Anna and Xio and I took off for a drive on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Beautiful views and clouds that day and a big rattlesnake crossing the road!

And finally just a few more hanging out group photos. One of our members Lori slept out on the deck all week on an air mattress. That's her bed on the right.

You can see that we spent lots of time on the deck!

I think that photo on the upper left must have been taken one of those hot days!

We had such a good time!! It was so great to meet all these wonderful women who have shared their ups and downs and joys and sorrows over the years!!


Monica said...

Very nice janet a real memory keeper.

Arlene said...

Nice series of blog posts, Janet. I did have some fond memories of our week there, and am definitely so happy to have had the opportunity to meet all of these amazing women artists that I have only known online up until then. Thanks for sharing all these photos.

Lee Hynes said...

It looks like so much fun!

JackieP Neal said...

Thank you so much Janet for sharing your art sister retreat!! There is nothing like being with kindred spirits creating and finally meeting in person!!
What wonderful photos and stories you have shared- memories to last a last time!!
I do want to hear and see more of the boiled books- how exciting!!
hugs xo

Marilou said...

Thanks for sharing Janet, the pics are great and I can tell it was the highlight of your summer!
Hugs Marilou