Because Art Should be Play and Not Work

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Something besides face sketches

Besides 29 Faces, I did some paintings over the summer and this fall. This one is called "In the Garden".

I haven't named this one yet, but I think this woman is a curandera and this bird is a magical creature that she converses with in the moonlight. What's your story?

I love this woman holding a chicken. Is she taking it to the marketplace or is she taking it home from the marketplace or is it just her pet chicken that she likes to carry with her?

 All three of these paintings are "found" paintings--I just paint backgrounds with lots of pattern and design  and then look at them to see what image begins to emerge. I love this kind of painting--so many happy "accidents".

Friday, September 18, 2015

29 Faces: Post 3

I started out the week thinking I would draw pictures of my self through the years.

Looks kind of like me

Me about age 3--again looks kind of like me--looks like that baby could be this girl, but neither really look like the photos I was copying. then i thought I would try my children--yikes

This is supposed to be my daughter--a cute baby drawing which doesn't look like her and finally

This was supposed to be my son at which point i threw my hands up in the air!! Why is it so hard to draw pictures of our own family?  So,  I decided that i needed to switch it up because i was getting frustrated and I switched to a whole other category and you will have to wait until the next post to see who I chose next.

Monday, September 14, 2015

29 Faces Part 2

I am really enjoying this challenge. Here are seven more faces. See if you know who they are:

She was the wife of a "great' author.

A first lady

An aviator

"Little Sure Shot"

A journalist at 24, she traveled around the world in 72 days

  A world leader

Devoted her life to studying and learning about one animal

Zelda Fitzgerald, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Annie Oakley, Nellie Bly, Indira Ghandi, Jane Goodall

Friday, September 11, 2015

I am a big fan of Lynne Perella. I have saved every article she has written for Somerset Studio magazine--so many in fact, that I now have a notebook full of articles. I decided to do some Perella style of my own based on her circus article.

 I love her many layers and her use of historic photos which she transforms and the many different elements she uses in her mixed media pieces.

Monday, September 7, 2015

29 Faces challenge

I decided to give this challenge a try--I usually have trouble sticking with anything for 29 days, but so far, so good. Here are my first 6 faces. How many can you guess? (answers at the bottom of the post)

Ghandi, Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe, F Scott Fitzgerald, and Che Guevera.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Painted Blossoms

This summer I purchased a book called "Painted Blossoms" by Carrie Schmitt. I wanted to enlarge my repertoire of flower styles. Here are are paintings I did from the lessons in the book.

 A more traditional bouquet--not really by style, but I do like the colors and it was fun to try.

I like these drippy flowers--

For this one I used a background I had already painted at some point and then I applied paper napkins with red poppies and then painted over those and added the white flowers.

Este Macleod is one of the artists featured in the book and I adore her paintings In this painting I attempted to do her stylized flowers.

This one is much more like what I usually paint--I love the colors and the layers.
After doing these I decided I was done with flowers for awhile, but now I can look back on these studies and incorporate the styles into other paintings. How about you--do you have a favorite flower style that is your "go to" flower?