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Friday, September 4, 2015

Painted Blossoms

This summer I purchased a book called "Painted Blossoms" by Carrie Schmitt. I wanted to enlarge my repertoire of flower styles. Here are are paintings I did from the lessons in the book.

 A more traditional bouquet--not really by style, but I do like the colors and it was fun to try.

I like these drippy flowers--

For this one I used a background I had already painted at some point and then I applied paper napkins with red poppies and then painted over those and added the white flowers.

Este Macleod is one of the artists featured in the book and I adore her paintings In this painting I attempted to do her stylized flowers.

This one is much more like what I usually paint--I love the colors and the layers.
After doing these I decided I was done with flowers for awhile, but now I can look back on these studies and incorporate the styles into other paintings. How about you--do you have a favorite flower style that is your "go to" flower?


teri F said...

You are always working on something interesting, ?Janet. These are great!

Annette said...

Good morning, love seeing what you are exploring today. Always a treat to peek into your art. xoxoxo

Bea said...

I'm impressed with how many different things you create!...b

Barbara Casillas said...

Janet, I can't decide which style I like better. Maybe because the bight colors are so nice in all of them. I like the design on the table in the first one also. I had sent you an email about your art retreat because I wasn't able to leave comments without a google account. But I have since set one up. The retreat sounded really productive. It's always fun to work with other creative people.

denthe said...

They're all so different, but I cannot really pick a favorite, they all look great. Love the bright colours too.

Marilou said...

I really love them all Janet, wonderful colorful work!
Hugs Marilou

JackieP Neal said...

oh Janet, the second one with the drippy flowers is my absolute favorite!! gorgeous!! I always love your sense of adventure in trying new things!! xo

Carolann said...

Janet They are beautiful. I applaud you.