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Thursday, February 4, 2016

WOWZA! What?? ?Finally--a new blog post!

I haven't blogged anything since October--I've had good intentions..but you know how that goes I'm still painting and making art

This is my woman from Guatemala--it is from a photo I found online--I loved that pink building behind her with all that texture--yum and of  course, you know it would have to have lots of pattern 
and color
And these two girls, inspired by a pose of two models I saw in a fashion magazine. I love the color in this one as well.

I am currently reading this book. The Museum of Art and Archaeology here has a book club and they have events at the museum-a book discussion and museum tours of art that fits with the them of the book. This book was chosen because February is black history month. The books that are chosen for the book club usually combine art with history and so far, real events. This book alternates between the life of a young woman who was a slave in Virginia and she was an artist and in the current time period with a lawyer who is working on a big case involving reparations for descendants of slaves. Very interesting and I plan to attend the different events at the Museum.

It's my grand daughter Audrey's 21st birthday in a few days. I love this photo of her--I think she looks fierce!

We just recently added Showtime to our Amazon Prime membership so we are totally hooked on Homeland! Even my husband who doesn't like much TV is hooked!

And finally I am trying to participate in the 29 Faces challenge for February. I started late so I have only done one so far. After photographing her, I can see that her mouth is crooked and i had a heck of a time getting her eyes right, but I like her.

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Arlene said...

I always love seeing your work, Janet. Glad to know you are still making art. And blogging - Something I am not doing much of at the moment.

Monica said...

Like the idea of that book club I am currently reading the The Children Act by Ian McEwan and really enjoying it. It has words in it that i have to look up. Lookas as if your are enjoying the colorful costumes of the south Ameicas. Just love those peoples.

Lori Wostl said...

YAY Janet - a good blog is worth a thousand words! Love seeing your work and how it fits in with your reading and family. Your g-dot is fierce - she has you in her genes! Love you.

Lisa said...

Yay! Go Janet! I love seeing all the artwork you've been doing in one place. And your granddaughter... Lori is right. She inherited your Fierce gene :-)

Bea said...

Your colors are fierce too. It's great to see you blogging again. I'm looking forward to more...b

teri F said...

So much to love here, Janet! Beautiful artwork, your lovely granddaughter, and a great new book to explore!

Marilou said...

Great pic if your Granddaughter Janet! I love all your artwork and I love your most recent piece. Your other work is fabulous and I love the colors. Happy to see you continue blogging, sending Hugs not my. Bugs:) Marilou

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you and see what you are up to. What a great fierce granddaughter. I've got two of those about the same ages. Love these young and powerful women. Nice painting. Always enjoyed your work. New site for me. Come visit if you feel like it. xox

Barbara Casillas said...

Janet, such a pleasant surprise to find a new post. The paintings are gorgeous as ever. You have a way with color and texture. And how fun to have a book club through a museum. Enjoy.

denthe said...

I love the softness of the background in that first painting! You made a great start with your 29 faces, I'd love to see more!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Nice to see you are still making art Janet even in your blogging absence! I love both your paintings the sweet composition in the first one with the baby and the wonderful arms in the second. The colors are fabulous! Exactly what I think of when I think of South America...vibrant and warm!

Your granddaughter is lovely.


Jackie P Neal said...

Where do I begin?!!
Lovely new look for your blog!
The first painting, is this a canvas? This is absolutely gorgeous Janet! I do hope you are selling online!! I mean even prints of your work!
I am always enthralled by your collection of ladies, you truly capture their beauty and culture- every time!!
The last one with the lips is perfect,because you created it- I love her the way she is!
And for your grand daughter, yes, indeed she does look fierce, and looks like she knows who she is! Good for her- Happy belated greetings to her and thanks for sharing!
hugs my friend, Jackie
ps...looking forward to more of your museum visits!!

Silke Powers said...

Yeah!! You are blogging again! Your paintings are beautiful - I love the colors and textures and your subject matter. And yes, your grand daughter does look fierce. Happy 21st birthday to her!
xoxo Silke
P.S. We love Homeland as well! :)