Because Art Should be Play and Not Work

Monday, February 20, 2017

Can't ignore what I am thinking and feeling

These paintings have all been made in response to what I feel about what is going on in the United States.  We Are the Storm

We Won't Sit Down

For All the Little Girls

Welcome to America--my wish

If you are interested you can find postcards, posters and T shirts of these paintings in my zazzle shop


jahreszeitenbriefe said...

I'm just writing some of your first cards to beloved women here around... Love your cards and feelings and points of view. Let's stand together ;-). Best wishes - Ghislana

Barbara Casillas said...

Beautiful art that speaks so well to what is happening around us. The images and colors in the last one are really powerful.

Nancy TeWinkel said...

Your work is far more than painting for a cause. Your work is painting for our existence!

Jackie P Neal said...

Janet, I have always been a fan of your art, and may I say even more so now! You are so inspiring and send out such powerful messages- thank you so much for sharing dear friend!
Jackie xo

"Painter of Dark" said...

Thank you for your awesome art.. keep the faith sister!

SLScheibe said...

Love, love, love the art and the message! What a wonderful and colourful style you have. So whimsical and fun! :)

denthe said...

oh Janet, I LOVE these paintings, and the quotes you used! Colourful and powerful. You go girl!!

Giggles said...

Absolutely beautiful artwork with so much heart!! Well done!!
Very powerful!!

Hugs Giggles