Because Art Should be Play and Not Work

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

New art and blogging seems futile

First up: Remember Fractured Fairy Tales? Well here is my Fractured Nursery Rhyme

You gotta love Maxine Waters. Here she is paired with Sojourner Truth.

This one is called Elizabeth Meets the Buffalo. George's daughter lives in Montana and often goes to Yellowstone Park. She has a real connection and affinity for animals. She told us a wonderful story of a buffalo going out of its way to come right up to her car window. Here's my interpretation.

And here is one I made called Night Sky.

I go back and forth on whether having a blog is worth the time. It seems I have followers if I look at the numbers but not really many comments so I think people just don't follow blogs anymore. I'm as guilty as everyone else although I do look at the blogs that pop up on my list, but rarely leave comments--too lazy I guess so should I expect comments on my blog.... fIf you do visit my blog please leave a comment. And if you need protest postcards or Tshirts visit my zazzle shop!


Bea said...

I always spend time with your posts. Hope you are doing well. Loved actually spending time with you nearly acouple of years ago...b

Monica said...

I have a love hate with blogs. i leave comments for some people not others. The value of blogs exceeds anything on FB as you can go and check them out years later. (i do this for the froup). groups that use blogs are good for following up and it seems like you make friends on blogs. FB turns one off a lot of people. I always enjoy your work and usually leave a comment unless the blog is read in doctors office or on the road then it is too difficult to comment. Ah yes it is great sitting in a grim doctors office and breaking in to laughter from someones art, prose or stories.

Denise Robinson said...

I love seeing how your work keeps evolving!

Jackie P Neal said...

please do not stop blogging! I love being able to come over here and look at your wonderful art work! There are many many people out there who still blog and many more who follow them.
I DO believe it is sometimes,as you say, just "too lazy to comment" on every post. But it doesn't mean people do not visit or like your art! So please,do as I did,and forget watching the numbers and enjoy it!
on to your artwork...
WOW and WOW!
These pieces are fabulous! Your style is all your own and truly is wonderful! I love that you are able to weave today's issues into your art and make the pieces relevant! Well done my friend! xx

Barbara Casillas said...

The resistance coming through your art is wonderful. It's a good way to vent. The political climate gets worse everyday. Regarding blogging, I go back and forth about whether to stop. As long as it remains fun for me, I'll do it. It is nice to get a few comments though, so you feel you are sharing with a few people. I always enjoy seeing your work. Some big marches coming up, Tax Day and a Climate march. I hope they have an impact.

Pia Rom said...

Ohh how I love to look to your paintings here! They are so full of character and story!! Loooove! And yes, it seems, that blogs are no longer modern anymore? Maybe it is too timeconsuming to post, instead of doing a click and "like", haha....But I will go on with my blog anyways ;) And yes, maybe I will do a workshop in the future, will see! For sure I will inform you as soon as it is out, haha..much love! ♥ Conny

Kate Buckner said...

Janet, i am not a regular blog reader although when I do read, I enjoy them. What I am is a fan of you and your work. So periodically I look you up to see what you're doing now. I bought three quilts from you several years ago. I wanted one of the Mexican themed one, but most were sold. I bought the Guadalupe one with the ribbons on it. I took it to Mexico where it hung for eleven years. My maid/friend was surprised to learn I was not Catholic because she made an assumption because of the quilt. I recently moved back to Oregon and I gave the quilt to her. I love your new political work. Good for you!!